About us


Established in 1947, AACCSA is a voluntary, non-governmental, business membership organization with more than 17,000 member companies. The chamber serves as a credible voice of business and advocates for the creation of a conducive business environment. It also promotes trade and industry, disseminating business information, consulting government and members on economic development and business issues, establishing friendly relationship with similar chambers in other countries, and exchanging information as well as engaging in arbitration in times of disputes among businesses.

AACCSA is the oldest, largest and strongest Chamber in Ethiopia, representing a wide spectrum of businesses based in Addis Abeba which constitute more than 60% of all businesses operating in the country. Being a member of the World Chambers Federation, AACCSA also has a prominent place in the international network of chambers.


Vision Statement
“To be a world class chamber, enabling the business community to be competitive locally and internationally and contribute to the attainment of the trade and investment goals of the country.”

Mission Statement
“To promote trade and investment by providing demand driven services to the best satisfaction of members, stakeholders and others and advocate for favorable business environment based on best practices.”

AACCSA’s Core Values – are the heart of all that it does and are reflected in the day to day activities of AACCSA are promoted consistently by the Board and staff.

  • Accountable, credible and transparent ;
  • Business-friendly;
  • Customer-focused;
  • Innovative through creativity;
  • Quality and improvement driven;
  • Socially responsible;
  • Team oriented;
Major services

AACCSA is engaged in the following range of activities categorized under business Advocacy and business development services.

  1. Advocates for enabling business environment and facilitates public private dialogue,
  2. Provides business information and advice,
  3. Settles business disputes and provides legal advice through its Arbitration Institute ;
  4. Organizes Local and international trade fairs, exhibitions and facilitates members’ participation,
  5. Builds capacity by providing different short term trainings.
  6. Facilitates business match making and networking with local and international companies,
  7. Promotes member companies and their products through its business directory and website,
  8. Establishes market linkages and provides capacity development with support from development partners
  9. Issues testimonials and authenticates businesses documents to boost credibility of companies.
  10. Implement ISO-Management systems and assists companies to acquire internationally accredited ISO Certificates.
  11. Provide sector specific support through :
    • Manufacturing business information and advice
    • Sector specific Platforms
  12. Specific support to micro and small businesses and women led businesses
Membership Benefits
  • Business information and advice
  • Business match making
  • Market Access
  • Networking Opportunities
  •  Sector specific support  :
  • Business Promotion
  • Training
  • Arbitration Service
  • Accreditation
  • Improved Management System


  • Composed of the general membership,
  • Is the supreme organ of AACCSA.


  • Elected by the General assembly for a two year period,

The board

  • Sets policies, approves the program and budget of the Secre­tariat, forms sectoral committees, appoints the Secretary General


  • Is elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years,
  • Chairs board meetings and the annual General Assembly


  • Led by the Secretary General, with two Deputy Secretary Generals and one Support Service Director, the Secretariat is re­sponsible for the day to day running of AACCSA
  • AACCSA consists of 3 institutes, 7 departments and 5 service units, with a branch office in Merkato.


  • A team of highly trained & dedicated staff, consisting of 82 permanent and 12 temporary staff members, out of which 45 % are female. AACCSA Profile PDF

Business Incubation and Acceleration Center

After 75 years since its establishment in 1947, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) has opened its first business incubation and acceleration center (dubbed BIC) in 2022. BIC sets out with the ambition to contribute to the national endeavor of bringing about positive and lasting changes to the Ethiopian startup ecosystem and assist in the drive to create jobs, raise income and sustain the country’s growth trajectory. BIC has commenced its operation by accepting the first batch of 10 business founders under its incubation program in February 2023.

Being uniquely positioned to support the private sector development in Ethiopia, AACCSA has more than 15,000 member companies, which jointly translates to a good community of entrepreneurs and network space and a strong ecosystem for startups to learn from, to partner with, cross fertilize innovative ideas and many more. Currently, the business incubation center provides ideal co-working offices for those who are being supported by its incubation and acceleration programs. Startups under BIC’s program can also access other membership packages. The programs under the Business Incubation and Acceleration Center are usually announced online. BIC gives priority to technology-enabled businesses through an array of sectors. Startups under the business incubation center programs can use the coworking space for free of charge.

Quality Policy