Addis Chamber Starts Outreaching Disadvantaged in the City

The current inflation still impacting millions in all parts of the country.
To many poor, it is getting matter an impossible puzzle of daily life.
Reports say that specially, the poor in cities like Addis, are worst hit by the unprecedented price hike to the extent that they cannot afford a single meal a day.
In response to the crises, however, the government and other stakeholders are providing various supports to the disadvantaged around them.
It is against this background the Addis Chamber has come up with an innovative social support project in cooperation with Addis Ababa City Administration with a view to reaching out to the poor in the city through involving the business community.
The project has major components of providing food items and meals to the affected families, influencing company support their workers with credit facilities and promoting the Green Legacy.
Accordingly, the chamber has launched its project activities by proving meal to some 500 vulnerable families in in Woreda 09, Kirkos Sub city.
Chamber’s support may not bring durable solution to the challenges, the business community holds a moral and social obligation to show solidarity with vulnerable compatriots in times crises, said Mesenbet Shenkute, president of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce.
The business community is always there as long as consumers are there. Therefore, trading and doing business thrives under the web of social interaction of citizens.
Therefore, chamber representing the business community in the city has started such social support activity.
Accordingly, Addis Chamber will also facilitating conditions for unemployed young family members to become self-reliant in collaboration with business community, the president added.
The current inflations as both local and global economic dimensions, and the impact of which is still harming the lives of millions, said Shibeshi Betemariam, Secretary General of the chamber.
He however, believes that the challenge of poverty can be resolved though economic policy, yielding productivity and job creation.
Cognizant of the fact that life in the city goes more difficult for affected people under the punishing winter, therefore, the chamber is working together with food manufacturing companies to provide dry food items such as spaghetti, macaroni flour and edibles oils, Shibeshi, added.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Woreda 09 Worknesh Bireda said on the occasion that Addis Chamber’s initiative to attend and responding to the miseries of poor families including mothers and children was commendable and inspiring to work together .
She also expressed her gratitude for the support made by the chamber, adding that her office is willing to jointly work on facilitating job opportunities for the unemployed youth, she added.
According to recent reports suggest that a quarter of Addis Ababans are living under poverty line.