Ethiopia kicks of the second wave of seedling campaign By Ashenafi Mitiku

For Ethiopia, whose population suffers from the brunt of climate change and poverty, embarking on the green campaign is non- negotiable. Despite the current corona pandemic, Prime Minister Abiy’s leadership pledges to repeat the success story of last year even by exceeding the previous record by one billion making it five billion in sum. In his recent statement, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said that up to 84% of tree seedlings have grown that were planted last year.

The seedling program that was undertaken last year places Ethiopia in breaking the world record by planting 350 million tree seedlings in a single day planting over four billion seedlings. According to government sources, the seedling campaign is the main pillar of the green legacy embarked by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that aims to mitigate the impacts of climate change on Ethiopia as well as it intends to restore the degraded environment in the country. Like in the case of last year, the massive campaign expects to draw the attention of the entire nation.