Ethiopian standard Industrial classification (ESCI) English

The ‘’Original Version of the Ethiopian Standard Industrial classification’’ was first published in January 2010 in accordance with Article 30(2) of the Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation 686/2010 which had 982 categories. After having gone through the necessary revisions it is ready for implementation being referred to as “First Revised Ethiopian Standard Industrial Classification (ESIC 1st Revised Edition)’’.

The Ethiopian Standard Industrial Classification was developed based on the International Standard Industrial Classification and South Africa Standard Industrial Classification and the existing economic realities of the country. It is designed to put in place uniform, accessible and transparent commercial registration and licensing system, to have consolidated statistical data, modern, traceable and fair business practice and regulatory trade system throughout the country. As a result, every business is being treated according to the business licensing categories and codes provided for herein nationally.For more detail click here

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