Nurturing enduring institutions!

As history of nations shows, no country has evolved to a developed one without the development of institutions.
Actually, it is fair to say that institutional development is a sine-qua-non for economic development.
Fortunately, as old as we are as a nation, we believe that we Ethiopians relatively have been capable of nurturing enduring institutions.
The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce in this case is a pioneer institution in our country. It is as old as Ethiopian Airlines and the former School of Commerce and older than the Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL).
Over the years, the chamber has rigorously worked as an institutional platform for the private sector to echo concerns to government and policy makers and supported the competitiveness of Ethiopian businesses within and outside the country.
I strongly believe that a strong relationship with pertinent stakeholders is essential to enable the private sector play its key role in building the country’s economy.
75 years! New vibe! New colour! Addis Chamber! We go forward! Happy anniversary!