Tourism hard hit by the pandemic, Fantu Gola Senior tourism advisor-by Ashenafi Mitiku

The economic impact of COVID 19 have continued unabated causing massive financial damage and job loss across the world and the worst hit hard is tourism. Nearly all countries have lost significant amount of income from tourism revenue and no exception to Ethiopia.
In his exclusive interview with Addis Business, Fantu Gola, senior tourism advisor said that the Ethiopian tourism industry is hit hard by the current pandemic and he attributes the down of the international flights for tourism to get in to crisis as there appears no traveler coming to Ethiopia.
Countries across the board have taken swift actions to deal with the pandemic, including financial stimulus and support packages, and there has been great solidarity between countries and between communities, the medical profession and the science community with data sharing and support across borders.
Likewise, similar measures have taken in Ethiopia to rescue business as well as to mitigate the impact of COVID 19. Ethiopian finance institute should further bolster their support to the ailing business entities to escape further damage, Fantu recommends. Apart from his consultancy business Fantu is engaged in tourism investment that created job opportunity for more than 100 people noting that he still pays the salary of his employees despite the closure of his business and he worries what the future holds.