Training Institute

Motto: “Enhancing Capacity by Imparting Knowledge.”

Addis Chamber Training Institute offers demand-driven business trainings to members of the local business community in order to help them acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that lead to success in today’s challenging business environment. The trainings delivered by the Institute focus on communication skills, executive and leadership development, financial management and accounting, management and human resource development, international trade, marketing and customer service, project and program management and logistics & procurement management. These trainings are offered by professional trainers who have extensive industrial experience and having a minimum of second degree in their fields of specialization. As the number of participants and trainings are increasing every year, our service is becoming more popular in Addis Ababa. In response to the ever changing business environment, we have been making our service flexible in order to optimize a win-win strategy in terms of both cost and value. We are currently offering different trainings to our clients. The major categories of trainings delivered by ACTI are the following:

1. Regular Trainings: These trainings are offered at our Training Hall where members of the business community from different companies participate by receiving invitation letters from the Chamber by fax or email. We have planned to conduct the attached training programs for the 2016 Ethiopian Fiscal Year. Each training under this program is conducted for five half days from Monday to Friday.

2. Regular Trainings at Customers’ Premises: These types of trainings are delivered to our customers at their respective premises from the annual training program.

3. Customized Trainings either at the Chamber’s Training Hall or at the Customers’ Premises:These types of trainings are organized by customizing trainings to the particular operational needs of businesses. The venue of the trainings can be either at the Chamber’s Training Hall or at the Customers’ Premises. The duration of the training depends on the course requirements and our clients’ needs.


If you are interested to participate in any one of our training programs, please register at Addis Chamber Training Institute, settle payment at the Finance Department and attend the training based on the schedule.

There are currently three staff in the Training Institute:

  • Desalegn Dejen: Director, Addis Chamber Training Institute
  • Assefa Kassa: Training Program Operations Coordinator
  • Hiwot Tilahun: Senior Marketing and Communication Officer

Contact Address

Addis Chamber Training Institute (ACTI)
Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
Mexico Square, Chamber Building, Ground Floor
Telephone: 011 551 38 82 / 011 552 82 04 / 011 551 80 55 ext. 229
Fax: 011 552 82 04 / 011 551 14 79
P.O.Box: 2458

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