Validation Workshop on Land Lease Law Takes Place

Land was declared a critical factor for private sector investment and yet access to it has been faced with enduring problems, it was reiterated at a validation workshop on “Land Lease Law”. The study focuses on provisions of the 2004 proclamation and makes also occasional references to the two others before it. The event took place at Harmony Hotel on April 13, 2016.

The enduring problem in accessing land despite the legal provisions, the astronomic cost that kept steadily growing, the insurmountable bureaucracy and corruption in acquiring it, are some issues raised on the day. A handful of investors have managed to monopolize the land and the participation of the rest in bids has become a mere formality in view of the huge financial capacity between them.

Some 57% of companies surveyed claim they were unable to have land and hence were forced to rent offices, which has its own adverse impact on their business performance. They also said that although the government organized discussion with the private sector before the law came into effect, it failed to incorporate the comments and suggests of the private sector even though the officials declared they have accepted almost all of the ideas forwarded.

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